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Founded in 2007, Wind Power Energy SRL is a member of the Monsson Group and is one of the leading players in the renewables sector in Romania and across Europe.
The company offers an extensive range of products and services to facilitate the energy transition and has designed over 5,000 MW of wind energy projects over the last five years, including Europe’s largest onshore wind farm.

Wind Power Energy is best known for its team of experts who provide information services and professional consultancy in addition to carrying out technical analysis, wind studies, infrastructure projects, and communications for the wind farms developed by the Monsson Group.
It also runs several vocational education and training programmes. In 2019, the company partnered with the Renewable Energy School of Skills (RESS) and the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) to launch the project RenewAcad – Academy for Counseling and Professional Training for Renewable Energy Sources.
This project was born out of two necessities: change, and increasing awareness that the energy transition assumes certain jobs will disappear over time.

To support this initiative, the UniCredit team in Romania, together with the European Social Fund’s Human Operational Programme, provided the necessary financing for the Academy to start its activities. As a result, in September 2021, one of the largest professional retraining programmes for miners and former miners was launched in the Jiu Valley, specifically designated by the Romanian government for carbon transition. One of the Academy’s goals is to provide all miners and former miners in the valley and nearby areas with the required skills and training to become specialists in wind energy and electricity distribution. The loan from UniCredit Romania covers 90% of the total €954 thousand investment required for the project, and will be used for equipment, accommodation and other support activities needed to carry out the training programmes.

The overarching objective of the RenewAcad project is to provide employees and former employees from less developed areas in Romania, who may hold lower academic qualifications, with the opportunity to continue their learning through dedicated programmes.
With UniCredit’s support, RenewAcad expects to be able to help more than 400 people find new employment and to provide training for more than 700 people. In addition, this initiative will allow Wind Power Energy and its partners to contribute to Romania’s economic development by ensuring better employment opportunities.
Importantly, it will also make certain that the energy transition does not leave anyone in its wake.

We are proud to implement an innovative project for the first time in Europe. As Romania will have more than 10,000 MW newly installed by 2030, we want to build up the necessary infrastructure to support skilling and re-skilling activities, needed for this sector. We thank UniCredit for the trust and we hope to work together on further renewable projects in the future.

Sebastian Enache, Business Development Manager

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