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Tapetarija Matić is a furniture manufacturer based in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a strong focus on the export market, which covers around 80% of its core business.
At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tapetarija Matić had to stop manufacturing for two months resulting in significant financial stress for the business.
With continued uncertainty, the company looked for a banking partner to provide financial support during this difficult time. UniCredit first addressed this need in April 2020 by granting temporary financial relief on Tapetarija Matić’s loan repayments.

After this, our bank also provided the company with a 36-month loan in June 2020 and further support for recovery and business growth through the Guarantee Fund across 2021.

This allowed Tapetarija Matić to make a fast recovery in its sale volumes, increase production and even employ additional workers. The company has also been able to follow its growth ambitions by investing in the procurement of new equipment to meet growing furniture demand.

UniCredit supported us while we were striving to preserve the business we built over 20 years ago.
Thanks to the help and advice received, I recognized a quality business partnership that I want to be loyal to. You are doing the right thing at the right time.

Dušan MatićCEO and legal representative

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