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In the heart of Croatia’s Brod-Posavina County, sandwiched between the Sava River and the slopes of Dilj, lies Ranč Ramarin. Ranč Ramarin is a working ranch which has evolved into a thriving countryside idyll. Founded in 2008 as a paddock for the breeding of horses, Ranč Ramarin has since transformed into a popular tourist destination, perfect for those seeking an active vacation in an oasis of peace. The site boasts accommodation for upwards of sixty people, including eleven luxury bungalows, as well as an expansive campsite with tent rental facilities.

Guests can spend their days enjoying a spot of recreational carp fishing, horse riding lessons, or exploring the numerous local hiking trails in nature’s warm glow. For the slightly more adventurous, Ranč Ramarin recently opened a runway for recreational flying. As the night rolls in, the ranch’s gastronomic prowess comes to the fore. This manifests through regular banquets and wine-tasting evenings, hosted in its seventy-person onsite restaurant. Ranč Ramarin prides itself on sourcing all its ingredients from nearby family farms in order to offer guests an even more authentic experience.

The dual combination of local lockdowns and closed borders saw the tourism and leisure industries bear the immediate economic brunt of the pandemic. With their 2020 revenues sharply declining, Ranč Ramarin needed a bank that could help them survive the damaging economic effects of Covid-19. This is where UniCredit Zagrebacka Banka lent a hand.
UniCredit’s Zagrebacka Banka’s #FirstTime project is a competition aimed at Croatian micro- and small businesses operating in the tourism sector.


The winners are granted the necessary funds to conceive a targeted marketing campaign that will be aired on national television. The latest iteration of the competition saw an initial deluge of over three hundred applications, including renowned family hotels, resorts, and restaurants, shortlisted to fifteen unique locations and experiences. Fifteen quickly became two as the judges then picked their standout entries, with Ranč Ramarin finally receiving €375 thousand to finance the production, associated media costs, and marketing collateral attached to its proposed campaign.

As the new adverts aired in Spring, increased visibility led to increased revenues and a gradual recovery in booking volumes.

The #firsttime campaign has brought us recognition in all segments of our business and customer relations and we are happy that we have positioned ourselves on the rural recognition map throughout our beautiful country. We will continue to be guided by our vision to become a leading rural economy with a wealth of content in the region and beyond, and the UniCredit Zaba campaign has certainly made a great contribution and has been the wind behind our vision.

Anja Galović, CEO

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