Nikolina Zečić

Our People

Over the last two years, the entire world has been shaken by the crippling effects of an unprecedented global pandemic.
To further this blow, our home country of Croatia was struck by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake which devastated the central region of Banija. The calamitous earthquake wreaked ruinous material damage in Petrinja, Sisak, Glina, and the surrounding areas, leaving many of the population homeless and in desperate need of immediate support.

Bearing witness to the cataclysmic earthquake and the crushing effects it had on our communities, the UniCredit team at Zagrebacka Banka knew that that it needed to act, and it needed to act fast. With great urgency, we worked within the Bank to be one of the first companies to provide a substantial donation to the Croatian Red Cross.
However, we knew that there was so much more we could do to help. This is because UniCredit’s notion of care for our clients, communities, and colleagues transcends the work that we do professionally.
Our understanding of care, which is not limited by the confines of our workplace, drives us to always pursue a more active in role society and to always strive to do more to support and help our communities.With that, we knew that we could turn to the UniCredit Foundation to bolster our donations to help our people.


Instantaneously, the UniCredit Foundation responded to our request for help by launching a fundraising initiative to support those impacted by the natural disaster.
The fundraiser raised €100 thousand. The hundreds of thousands of donations which “flowed in from our UniCredit colleagues across several countries enabled the team at Zagrebacka to provide food and shelter to people whose lives had been devastated by the earthquake”.
The philanthropic donations from our colleagues emphasises how caring for our communities, coming together to achieve one common goal is what UniCredit does best.
This is because at UniCredit all that we are and all that we do is predicated on serving and supporting our people.

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