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Nyékládháza’s Magyari Nonprofit Kft, also referred to as Viola Retirement Home, is known in the region of Northern Hungary for its model of community-centric care and its high standard of round-the-clock emotional and physical support.
From taking care of retrieving prescription medicines, to running an extensive recreational activities programme that aims to elicit a sense of wellbeing and togetherness, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to Viola’s treatment of its guests. The design of the home is modern, with Viola’s designers bringing to life a vision of comfort against a canvas of bright living spaces.

Not only is the home aesthetically pleasing but it is also highly functional. Accessibility features such as handrails, ramps, and lifts are to be found in both individual rooms and public areas, both of which have been built with a barrierfree approach. Ultimately, Viola prides itself on enhancing the lives of those in their elderly years who wish to maintain a sense of independence and community, whilst also requiring on-site care and support.

However, due to their stellar reputation, Viola faced a problem: the demand for spaces outstripped available space, which previously sat at just shy of a hundred permanent residents. With each passing day, the waitlist grew and grew.
Knowing that they could do more in terms of service delivery and determined that no-one would be denied residency at their care home, Viola decided to seek help from UniCredit Bank Hungary.
Social Impact Banking is UniCredit’s commitment to building a fairer and more inclusive society by identifying, financing, and promoting initiatives that will have a lasting positive impact on society.

Recognizing the exceptional standard of care that Viola delivers and their admirable mission to provide an idyllically harmonious home for their residents as they advance towards their sunset years, UniCredit was keen to support the institution’s cause of serving more of the region’s elderly community. The UniCredit team provided Viola with a long-term investment credit, which enabled them to finance the construction of a brand-new home called Building C. Their new building, which opened in the first quarter of 2022, increased the home’s capacity by an additional 99 residents, whilst also meeting the highest energy efficiency standards for a project of its type and creating 20 new jobs.

UniCredit’s support not only enabled Viola to accommodate more elderly guests, but it also meant that the care home was able to provide their residents who suffer from dementia with the physical and emotional assistance they require and deserve. Building C’s provision of dementia care makes it a unique facility in the region and, importantly, it serves to ease the caregiving burden placed on local families.

What do we think is good about the cooperation between UniCredit Bank Hungary and us? As a well-known television personality once said: You can only do well if you’re on good terms with the person you’re doing it with. The great thing about our collaboration with the bank is that we are not only pursuing short-term goals, but we can also be partners in long-term thinking.

Vivien Magyari, Co-owner

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