Liceul Teoretic Atlas (Atlas Theoretical High School)

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Liceul Teoretic Atlas is a high school in Romania that needed financing for a new building. The UniCredit team in Romania provided the school with an investment loan under special pricing conditions for this purpose, which was originally disbursed in October 2020 with a 10-year reimbursement period.
75% of the loan was used for the acquisition of a new building, completed in 2021 (RON2.8 million), and the financing structure also allowed the client to spend further own funds on building and schoolyard refurbishment.

Furthermore, thanks to the support to the school’s cashflows from the loan, it was able to continue to sustain its spending in other key areas last year, including on providing special educational activities for pupils with disabilities.

We are extremely pleased that by accessing this loan we could start our dream project: the
purchase and renovation of a building, the establishment of Atlas Primary and Secondary School and the provision of equal educational opportunities for children with disabilities.
We thank UniCredit Bank for their amazing support.

Anda Demeter and Irina Laura Răileanu, Founders of the school

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