Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Ingolstadt (GWG)

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Founded in 1934, the non-profit housing association Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Ingolstadt (GWG) is the largest housing company in the Inglostadt region with over 7,400 rentals. Driven by the philosophy “Everyone should find their favorite place,” GWG is dedicated to designing modern, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable housing that caters to individual needs and preferences.
Each of GWG’s houses are based in idyllic, natural surroundings. Ensuring that its housing developments are environmentally sustainable is imperative to the company.
The actions it takes to ensure its rentals do not harm our planet include, but are not limited to, designing buildings that are energy efficient and making certain that its portfolio development is sustainable.

In 2021 GWG launched a new housing development called ‘IWO - Inclusive Living’, with houses designed to be accessible to disabled people. The project was driven by GWG’s enduring goal of creating living conditions that enable everybody to lead independent and enriching lives. In recognition of the tremendous impact the housing project would have on the community, UniCredit HypoVereinsbank granted the association an impact-oriented loan. This loan provided GWG with the funds to construct a new wheelchair-accessible building with 44 publicly funded housing units, and to build two commercial units for organisations which provide support to disabled people.


UniCredit’s loan, which forms part of their Social Impact Banking initiative, is granted to companies and organizations whose projects will have an enduring positive impact on society. In response to the bank’s support, GWG Managing Director Alexander Bendzko said:

We see it as our social obligation to provide affordable, attractive and safe housing.
In doing so, we make a point of acting sustainably. Therefore, we are pleased that UniCredit HypoVereinsbank has supported us in this mission.
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