Dunja Prgomet

Our People

As a child, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in several different humanitarian initiatives. During my time working with these charitable organizations, I witnessed the tangible positive impacts of their work on the lives of others. When I joined Zagrebačka banka, I was pleased to learn about their Gift Matching Program as it provided me with the perfect opportunity to continue my passion for philanthropic work.

Apart from raising money to support causes financially, as an ambassador of UniCredit’s Gift Matching Program we are provided with the chance to meet people within the organization that we are working with.
To hear their stories and to receive another perspective on life is incredibly inspiring. Furthermore, UniCredit’s GMP has provided me with the rewarding sense that I am helping to shape people’s lives for the better.

Through the GMP I have supported the Association of people with disabilities, in my hometown of Rovinj. Later, I had the chance to meet some amazing people from the Association Firefly (Krijesnica), which helps children and families facing malignant diseases. In partnership with a colleague, I decided to become their ambassador in Zaba.


My work as an ambassador for the Association Firefly began with collecting donations for patients’ everyday activities and accommodation for out-of-town families who want to be near their loved ones as they undergo treatment. As well as this, we also raised funds for, amongst other things, hospital parking. This is something a lot of people take for granted, but often the smallest things can make a huge difference in such situations. Over time, we began to focus on specific projects like rehabilitation camps for children who have won the fight against these diseases.

Above all else, I’m incredibly “proud to be an ambassador of the Bank, for eight years now, and to be given the opportunity to share in this experience with like-minded colleagues”.

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