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Situated in the leafy village of Doubravčice on the outskirts of Prague, Centrum péče Doubrava is a specialised therapeutic care centre focused around three core tenets: healthnursing, and activation. The harmonious, award-winning facility caters to those who require continuous care with chronic diseases and impaired cognitive functions, delivering a highly-personalised service through its hundred-strong team of nurses, caregivers, activators, physiotherapists and masseurs.

In just three short years, Centrum péče Doubrava has built a stellar reputation based on its modern approach and exceptional levels of patient expertise. It is the first care centre in the Czech Republic, for instance, to provide Namaste Care: an exclusively non-pharmacological method that enables staff to cater to the personal needs of residents living with advanced dementia, focusing on the person rather than the process and protocol. In its private park, inspired by the rolling hills of the French countryside, residents can undertake both creative and physical activities in a natural setting. This outdoor recreation simultaneously prolongs the active part of their lives whilst alleviating the intense pressures associated with such caregiving that often fall to close family members. In addition, a personal physician is located on site, complemented by a team of specialists including a psychiatrist, a neurologist, and an ENT doctor.

Thanks to the quality of services that it offers, Centrum péče Doubrava became an important pillar of its local community.
However, with this growth in stature naturally came increased interest.
The centre’s management soon realised that additional capacity was required to provide for the influx of patients.
Plans were immediately drawn up to build a second senior house, once more revolving around the model of continuous care but this time with a sharper focus on treatment of the neurodegenerative disease Alzheimer’s.
The centre’s ambitions were noble, but if it was to expand and provide care for this condition, which requires a unique degree of treatment, it would need funding. Recognising the value of the institution and what it could provide the community, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic & Slovakia granted Centrum péče Doubrava CZK75 million in loans in order to both finance the facility and boost the company’s working capital.

How society treats its most vulnerable is always the foremost measure of its humanity. In providing both dignity in old age and peace of mind for families, Centrum péče Doubrava continues to exemplify this value on a daily basis, ensuring quality of life for its patients until the end of life – with CEO Miloš Tkáčik commenting:

Dignified old age is something we care about. We are very pleased that, with the financial support of UniCredit Bank, we have built Centrum péče Doubrava – the place you want for your loved ones where specialized care of the highest order is provided for chronically ill seniors.
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