Centar for elderly “Sunce”

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Centar for elderly “Sunce” is a care centre for the elderly in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the pandemic, its care centre faced significant disruption as both, staff and customers were becoming infected with Covid-19.
The business continuity of the centre came under substantial risk due to decreased capacity and increased costs given the need for more medical staff and improved health services in response to the Covid-19 virus.

The UniCredit team worked with the centre in March 2021 to help manage its financial obligations during the pandemic. This meant reprogramming the company’s outstanding loans by granting it a grace period of 12 months.
In addition, UniCredit helped provide Centar for elderly “Sunce” with a Guarantee Fund credit line for working capital.

This allowed the business to overcome its financial difficulties and continue supporting the elderly throughout the pandemic and beyond. Radomir ĆućulaDirector and legal representative, commented

Taking care of the elderly is a job that comes with great responsibilities.
The first wave of the pandemic had tremendous consequences on us, but thanks to UniCredit’s support we managed to provide the same level of care to patients. Once again, you proved to be the right partner in the most difficult moments.
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